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Today, we received an email from Vlad, the director of Derek Prince Ministries - Ukraine. Because of our faithful supporters, Derek Prince Ministries has supported Vlad and this team financially and in prayer, since the beginning of the war. Many of you have actively supported us with donations, so that together we could make a significant contribution to the continued existence of the ministry there and the spiritual encouragement and care of the Ukrainian people.

A few days ago, we asked him the question:

"Vlad, be honest, how are you and your family? How are you coping with the war and is there anything else we can do for you?"

I found one thing he answered particularly interesting: "Israel inspires us..."

Here is his full answer:

"I think that our life in Ukraine will never be the same as it was before February 2022 - in a way, all people have changed, society has changed, the Church has changed. As for "normality", partly we have returned to a more orderly life, partly people have simply adjusted to the new reality. At the same time, we must not forget that life in different parts of Ukraine is very different depending on how close the front is.

For example, my friend in the city of Zaporozhye recently told me that he often cannot sleep at night, not only because of the wailing of sirens, which can be heard several times across Ukraine and to which Ukrainians everywhere have become accustomed, but also because of regular explosions in the city that shake his house. As far as we are concerned, from our rather small town (about 30 thousand inhabitants) there are about 500 men at the front, as far as I know there can be more.

We have already buried 50 soldiers (whose bodies we were able to find and bring back). The hydroelectric power station in our city (right next to the city) was hit twice with rockets - a total of 8 rockets were fired, 2 of which hit the target. In the neighboring town of Kremenchuk (20 km from us), a large supermarket (a football field and a half), located right in the city center near the train station, was completely destroyed in the middle of the day. Many civilians were killed. During the war, rockets hit the surrounding villages several times. There are still many refugees in our area, but the chaos isn't that big anymore.

The problem is not only that a war is going on, but also the way Russia is waging this war. This war is designed for intimidation, humiliation and terror. This war is not over yet, and there is no end in sight.

I can say that many people in Ukraine today see Israel as a nation under constant threat, and we think about our future similarly. Israel inspires us.

Here's how it looks, in a nutshell. Thank you again for your prayers! May God bless you and your country!"

It's unbelievable what these people are going through right now, and yet their ministry doesn't stop. Vlad still distributes about 40-70 Derek Prince books PER DAY today. New books are constantly being printed, and the hunger of Ukrainians for profound Bible teaching continues to be great. We praise the Lord for our strong team in Ukraine, and we all pray together that He will continue to keep and encourage them.

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