Impactful Outreach in India and Vietnam: Delivered from Shame

Elsie & Danny
Directors, Derek Prince Ministries India
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Elsie & Danny
Directors, Derek Prince Ministries India

July 2023 marked a momentous period for the team of Derek Prince Ministries India (DPM) as they continued their efforts to spread God's Word across borders. Through impactful programs and seminars, lives were transformed, and hearts were touched in India and Vietnam, leaving a lasting impact on the spiritual life of countless individuals.

TV Broadcasting in India

In India, your contributions have facilitated the broadcast of Derek's English programs on New Hope TV, reaching 1.5 million homes in the state of Karnataka.

Additionally, our team worked on translating Derek's radio programs into Tamil, with the aim of commencing broadcasts in January 2024. They will be voiced by Danny, DPM India Director. Your prayers for a smooth and anointed process are truly appreciated.

Seminars for leaders and their wives

In India, DPM-India Directors, Elsie, and Danny, orchestrated three seminars in north Karnataka state, located in the southwest. The Divine Exchange, one of Derek's teachings, specifically resonated with the attendees.

DPM India/Sri Lanka Director Elsie says:

“The hearts of the pastors were as fertile as the lands in north Karnataka. They eagerly received the Word and applied it to their lives immediately. Many, many of the pastors were set free from the bondages of sickness, fear and shame that had held them captive. Some of the meetings extended well beyond lunchtime, but none of them wanted to leave as the teaching opened the eyes of their mind and brought a transformation as they listened.”

The seminars also opened doors to the other parts of Karnataka; as the pastors said, “With this kind of sound doctrine that is so effective, we would not hesitate to introduce the ministry of DPM to the other districts of our state.” God has also opened a door to the seemingly impenetrable state of Arunachal Pradesh in northeast India through these meetings. Praise the Lord!

Testimony: Freed from shame

This inclusion of pastors' wives in the seminars brought about an added blessing, providing them with a unique opportunity to attend such a gathering for the first time.

One poignant testimony from a pastor's wife in Bidar stands as a testament to the life-changing impact of Derek's teachings. She said: “I was sick and unwilling to attend the pastors’ seminar being held by DPM-India Directors, Elsie and Danny, and I believe it was a demonic hindrance that was keeping me from attending. But at 10 AM, I suddenly got up and decided I would go. I came and the Lord ministered to me through every aspect of The Divine Exchange which Elsie taught on. I have suffered deep wounds from the shame that has been inflicted on me. These are things I cannot speak about or share openly. But in this meeting, the Lord ministered to me through the truth - Jesus bore my shame that I might share His glory. It comforted me so much and broke off that huge burden I was carrying. Thank you for coming all the way to Bidar and bringing us this teaching.”

I have suffered deep wounds from the shame, things I cannot speak about or share openly. But the Lord ministered to me.

Outreach in Vietnam

In Vietnam, DPM's reach extended through the distribution of over 800 Vietnamese-language books, along with proclamation cards, at a book festival. The aim was to bless attendees with Derek's teachings, inspiring them to explore further through the DPM-Vietnam website. (Find locations and websites here)

Ps. "D," one of our outreach workers in Vietnam, ventured into two tribes, distributing Derek's books to their leaders. Additionally, students from seven tribes received these transformative teachings as their course textbooks. The power of God's Word touched lives profoundly, even leading one student to break free from a four-year gaming addiction.

A second pastors' seminar, orchestrated by Ps. "D," focused on Pastoral Ministry and Family, along with a segment on ‘How to Lead a Group Using Self Study Bible Course’ and ‘Discipleship of New Believers using Self Study Bible Course’.

One of the pastors said,“ Thank you for coming and humbly teaching us precious lessons on families and discipleship based on the Self Study Bible Course. We desperately needed this tool for discipling new believers. There are a lot of new believers, but many of us do not know how and do not have the tools to help them. Thanks a lot.”

The conference witnessed a remarkable outpouring of the Holy Spirit, with around 15 pastors and home group leaders experiencing baptism and speaking in tongues for he first time. Many others received healing from knee and back pain, and their hearts overflowed with gratitude for the valuable tools received to disciple new believers effectively.

There are a lot of new believers, but many of us do not know how to disciple them and do not have the tools to help them.

Ps. "A," another outreach worker, and the DPM-Vietnam team conducted a seminar in the Di Linh province, central highlands of Vietnam. The teachings from Derek's books on Through Repentance to Faith, Extravagant Love, and Father God left an indelible mark on the attendees, who were deeply blessed by the shared wisdom and testimonies. Free copies of these books were given to all attendees.

As the transformative impact of Derek Prince Ministries continues to expand in India and Vietnam, the power of God's Word remains at the core of their endeavors. Through your prayers and support, countless lives have been touched, and the seeds of hope and faith have been sown in the hearts of many. The journey continues, fueled by your compassion and commitment, as DPM reaches out to touch more lives and build a stronger spiritual foundation for believers worldwide. Thank you so much for your support!

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