A Singer’s Discovery Of God’s Love

Paul Storms
Director, Derek Prince Ministries Netherlands
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Paul Storms
Director, Derek Prince Ministries Netherlands

Four years ago, a Dutch artist called Xander Stok came to faith after a supernatural encounter with God. Xander had been the singer/leading guitar player in a successful rock band, but for 20 years he had been struggling with depression. He had several addictions and was leading a self-destructive lifestyle.

His life radically changed after God’s divine intervention. From that moment on, he felt a deep hunger for God’s Word. Derek Prince’s Bible teaching helped him immensely in his spiritual journey. Recently, he contacted our DPM team in the Netherlands to thank us.

Discovering God’s Goodness

“Derek isn’t among us on earth anymore, but I am eternally grateful for his teachings," he said. "I’m also grateful to you for making it possible for me to access his Bible teaching. Derek's books, especially They Shall Expel Demons, and Blessing or Curse and his online sermons have had a profound impact on my life. Derek’s calm manner, his insightful teachings helped to dismantle the enemy's lies and strongholds in my life. And they introduced me to the goodness of God. I believe Derek's teachings are even more relevant today and essential to every believer.”

Project of Love

One day, in January 2021, while reading Isaiah 12, he heard a gentle voice say: “grab your guitar and sing what you're reading." To his own surprise, this became a worship song, solely using God’s Word (NLT). Within 3 weeks, he had written songs from all Isaiah.

Three months later, in a dream, the Lord Jesus told him: "This is our Project of Love, together we will show the heart of the Father to the world". Xander dropped everything and is now fully focusing on turning Scripture, the entire Bible, to music, releasing a new song every Friday.

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