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In the heart of the ongoing war challenges faced by Ukraine, Derek Prince Ministries continues its unwavering commitment to supporting and encouraging people in their walk with God. Vlad, the Outreach Director of Derek Prince Ministries Ukraine, recently shared a poignant testimony that underscores the profound impact of these efforts.

Aiding Kharkiv's Rehabilitation Center During Shelling

Last year, Derek Prince Ministries Ukraine played a pivotal role in assisting a rehabilitation center in Kharkiv, a city heavily impacted by massive shelling during the war. The center, operating from the underground and basements of high-rise buildings, emerged as a crucial lifeline for the community. Derek Prince Ukraine not only provided essential support (food, blankets, a generator etcetera) but also continued to spread hope through the distribution of Derek Prince's life-changing Bible resources.

"Derek Prince Ukraine not only provided essential support but also continues to spread hope through the distribution of Derek Prince's life-changing Bible resources."

Unique Nature of Ukrainian Rehab Centers

Vlad shed light on the distinctive nature of Ukrainian rehab centers, describing them as Christian sanctuaries akin to the French post-war "Emmaus" rehab centers. These self-sufficient centers, engaged in productive work, cater to diverse demographics, including drug addicts, the elderly, released prisoners, the disabled, women, and refugees. “Before the outbreak of the war in 2014, we were actively working with the rehab centres in Donbass and Crimea”, Vlad recalls. “Before 2022, this was Central Ukraine plus Mariupol and areas that are now occupied. Now the Kharkiv region has widely opened up to us.”

Recognizing their effectiveness, Derek Prince Ministries actively collaborates with these centers to reach a wide and varied audience. Vlad shares why the rehab centres are such fertile ground for studying Derek Prince's Bible materials. “In most rehab centres, there is limited use of gadgets or mobile phones. Often, there are no television sets either, because traditionally Christians in the former USSR are wary of state media. For all these reasons, people have free time to read books, in a time of their life where they are seeking for healing, purpose and a new start.”

Spreading Transformation through Derek Prince's Books

A key strategy employed by the ministry involves providing free sets of Derek Prince's books to rehab centers and prisons. In 2023 alone, 2,296 free books were sent to 42 rehab centers and five prisons (4 men's strict regime prisons and 1 women's prison).

The Testimony of Evgeniy: A Life Transformed

Vlad shared a compelling testimony from Evgeniy, a former drug addict who became infected by Hepatitis C after more than 20 years of drug abuse. Evgeniy's life took a transformative turn when he encountered a booklet by Derek Prince, called "The Grace of Yielding". Evgeniy experienced a profound healing and wrote a letter, saying:

"Hi, my name is Evgeniy. I want to briefly tell the story of the glory of God in my life, through a small book called The Grace of Yielding. In this book, Derek Prince writes that we should cast all our worries on the Lord. I felt challenged and decided to cast my worries about the Hepatitis infection on the Lord. Immediately, I felt a strong tingling in my right side, and I was overcome with a strong, unnatural joy that I contrasted with difficulty. The Lord had touched me! I went back to the doctors and got tested… and I was no longer diagnosed with Hepatitis! Praise Jesus, and thank you for making this teaching by Derek Prince available to us!”

Evgeniy's medical report

Impact on Lives: A Rehabilitation Center for Drug Addicts

In his heartfelt message, Evgeniy attached photos of him holding the booklets in both Russian and Ukrainian languages, along with a medical certificate confirming his remarkable healing. Evgeniy himself now runs a rehabilitation center for drug addicts in Kharkiv, a testament to the life-changing impact of Derek Prince's teachings.

Solace in war-torn Ukraine

Vlad expressed his gratitude to all the friends of Derek Prince Ministries that enable him to continue this mission through their prayer and gifts. His dedication to distributing the message from God’s Word is unwavering. As Vlad and his team press on in their mission, Derek Prince Ministries serves as a beacon of light in the midst of darkness, offering solace and transformation to individuals in war-torn Ukraine.

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