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God is on the move! In a world where Christians are increasingly persecuted for their faith, we see God opening new doors to fulfil His Great Command: to go and make disciples of Jesus Christ. And so, in 2024, we continue God’s adventure to reach the unreached and teach the untaught.

Middle East: Online Discipleship Groups

Our team in Egypt/Middle East is daily reaching some 300,000 Arabic-speaking people on Facebook, with a lot of engagement. Now that we have reached those people, we want to teach them through online discipleship groups. This will be a new stream of our online ministry in the Middle East, offering seekers and believers with a Muslim background the opportunity to become true followers of Jesus Christ.

Germany: discipleship Journeys

The Lord has put a clear vision for 2024 in the heart of DPM Germany director, Michael Tracy, to develop online routes, tailored to the respective person, that provide a guided path from free to paid materials and potential 1-1 consulting.

This vision answers to a need in many western countries, where less and less people truly know the gospel. Therefore, Christians need to be equipped to share the good news with their friends, colleagues, and neighbors; and seekers and new believers need to be taught from God’s Word to build a strong faith foundation.

South East Asia: Vision 2024

We want to do all we can to help fulfil Mathew 24:14, a Bible verse that was often quoted by Derek Prince: “And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come” (Matthew 24:14).

As part of these efforts, we aim to have the 10 Laying the Foundation teaching booklets (foundational teaching for all believers) available in as many languages as possible across the India subcontinent and south-east Asia.

New outreach as well as strengthening existing projects will take place. For instance, DPM-India Directors Elsie and Danny will expand their Youth Leaders training program in India, but also visit the Andaman Islands to minister in the most remote islands.

In Cambodia, pastors seminars will be held each month, in addition to gospel outreaches throughout the year.

Another main effort is to set up a DPM-Vietnam YouTube channel, and to continue recording the Declaring God’s Word daily devotional in Indonesian.

Russia: Digital Outreach

In Russia, the government is putting more and more restrictions on religious freedom. Pastors are increasingly afraid to be associated with Christian ministries from outside of Russia, which are considered by the government to be ‘spies from the West’. That is why our outreach into Russia will focus on strengthening our digital ministry.

Meanwhile, new doors are opening to other countries in the Caucasus area.  Recently, by divine appointment, outreach in Tadjikistan was started and a first book in Tajik language was published. In 2024, this threshold in Tadjikistan will be strengthened further as it gives a pathway into the north of Afghanistan, where many Tadjik are living.

“Recently, by divine appointment, outreach in Tajikistan was started and a first book in Tajik language was published.”


In this time of increasing crackdown on religion by the authorities in China, we will in 2024 develop new online methods to supply Derek's teaching to China. One core goal in 2024 is to let China's Christian leaders know that they are not forgotten by those outside of China.

We will also make special efforts to increase our reach to Chinese outside of China, specifically in Taiwan. (The characters for Taiwan are different from those used by China.)

“Letting China's Christian leaders know that they are not forgotten.”

Norway/Scandinavia: Beta Course

Millions of people have heard of the Alpha Course, which introduces people to the gospel. For many people, this course is the start of their walk with God. But they need more:  a Beta course to strengthen their faith foundation.

Sverre Kristoffersen, DPM Scandinavia director, shares: “The Lord showed me that we have gold in our hands with Derek’s Foundations video teachings. He birthed in me a vision to develop an online ‘BETA-course’ based on Derek’s study book, “Foundational Truths for Christian Living” and the 10 videos that Derek has made to help students understand the teaching. I also believe this could especially draw attention from the younger generation, who so desperately need solid Biblical food - not only in Scandinavia, but in other countries too.”

“The Lord showed me that we have gold in our hands with Derek’s Foundations video teachings.”


In Africa, we are active in many nations. There are several focus areas for 2024:

  • Translating Derek’s 365-days devotional ‘Declaring God's Word’ and his Teaching Letters into 13 languages. We also plan to voice Declaring God's Word into Swahili which can be used in Tanzania on the radio, and online.
  • Further development of the multiple African websites by uploading more content in local languages.
  • Build our first Bible School in Kenya.
  • Distribution of Mega Voice Solar Players. In the Cape of South Africa, several new Bible Study groups have been established during recent outreach trips. 60 Mega Voice Solar Players will be sent to them, each filled with 400 hours of Derek’s Bible teaching. We will also provide Bible schools in multiple nations with these Mega Voice Solar Players, including 12 Bible Schools in Namibia.

Join the Adventure!

With the help of friends like you, who support our DPM outreach workers with their prayers and donations, we steadfastly continue resourcing the spiritually hungry, upholding the vision Derek Prince shared in July 2002:

“It is my desire, and I believe the Lord’s desire, that this ministry continue the work, which God has begun through me over sixty years ago, until Jesus returns.”

We welcome you to check out our global outreaches or to sign up to our newsletter to stay informed with the latest news.

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