A Miraculous Answer to Prayer in Belarusian Prisons

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In an unexpected turn of events, a fervent prayer for sharing Derek Prince's Bible materials among Belarusian prisons has been answered, bringing forth a powerful testimony of God's faithfulness. Meet Aleksander from Belarus, who recently shared this incredible testimony of God's divine intervention, and the rekindling of hope within prison walls. Through your prayers, you helped open these prison bars.

God's Intervention

'For the past months, the focus of our prayers had been the distribution of Derek's Bible resources among prisoners, despite facing strong opposition from authorities', Aleksander started his testimony. Undeterred, Aleksander and his team continued to seek God's intervention, and the answer, when it came, was nothing short of miraculous.

Several years ago, a few inmates were enrolled in DPM's Russian Correspondence Bible school before changes in the law disrupted their connection.

'We didn't hear from those students for years', Aleksander recalls, until some months ago, Olga, the Bible school coordinator, felt a strong calling to locate these former students and invite them back to the school. After a seemingly fruitless period, a call from the most unexpected source came— Igor, one of their former students, reached out from behind prison walls.

'There had been no answer for a long time, so we thought that it might have been wrong decision to reach out to these people', Aleksander said, 'but one day Olga got a call from prison. This was a miracle itself because prisoners cannot contact anyone except their family. But what was even more, it was Igor who made the call.'

Remarkably, Igor had attempted multiple times to contact the team of DPM Belarus, but all his letters had been returned. Overjoyed by the invitation, he expressed his desire to rejoin the Correspondence Bible school. What's more, Igor provided a contact for a minister, one of the few permitted to visit inmates and share Christian materials beyond the Bible. A divine connection indeed.

One day Olga got a call from prison. This was a miracle itself because prisoners cannot contact anyone except their family.

God's faithfulness became even more evident as closed doors were flung open, presenting a unique opportunity to distribute Derek's teachings and share the gospel with those yearning for Christ behind bars. We give all glory to Jesus Christ! And we cannot fully express our deep gratitude for the prayers that fueled this breakthrough.

Behind Prison Walls

The Lord Jesus Christ taught His disciples that our care for prisoners is similar to caring for Him. What an awesome privilege! In a remarkable twist, Igor, now a leader of a Christian group within the prison, presents an additional avenue for ministry. This opens doors to engage more inmates with God's Word, and our outreach workers are eager to use this opportunity.

Looking ahead, the  team of Derek Prince Ministries in Belarus would really appreciate your prayer for their ongoing work within the prison walls. Their fervent hope is that more inmates will have the chance to encounter God and receive Derek's Bible teaching materials. As Igor leads a Christian group, the potential for transformative impact grows, and the team asks for continued support through prayer.

Thank You For Praying

This incredible journey stands as a testament to the power of persistent prayer and unwavering faith. 'Please join us in gratitude for God's miraculous intervention and continue lifting up the prisoners and our team in prayer', Aleksander asked. The chains of darkness are breaking, and the light of Christ is shining brightly in the most unexpected places. Thank you for your support!

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