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Huy Ly
Director, Derek Prince Ministries Cambodia
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Huy Ly
Director, Derek Prince Ministries Cambodia

Strategic Partnering with Local Churches

In December 2023, our DPM-Cambodia team embarked upon a vibrant Christmas outreach initiative, hand-in-hand with the Provincial Pastors’ Association and local churches across five provinces of Cambodia.

Guided by Matthew 24:14, our aim was to bring the Gospel message to unreached communities within these provinces. Nine evangelistic outreaches were held for 500-1,000 people at each event, including an outreach for 4,000 people in Phnom Penh and visits to four prisons. Through heartwarming caroling, generous gift-giving (including Derek’s proclamation cards and booklets, which also went into prison libraries) and compassionate service activities, we sought to connect with marginalized groups and share the love of Christ, illuminating even the darkest corners of despair. Our mission was not just to celebrate Christmas, but to plant seeds of hope and faith, building bridges of understanding and fostering a spirit of unity within diverse communities. We believe that as the Gospel's light shines brighter in these unreached areas, its transformative power inspires lasting change and draws hearts closer to Christ’s eternal message.

Our mission was to plant seeds of hope and faith

Yes, there were some challenges, such as technical hiccups with sound systems during public outreaches, or the dimming twilight casting shadows. But these were mere whispers compared to the thunderous chorus of “yes” echoing through the crowds as thousands of lives surrendered to Jesus.

This partnership between DPM-Cambodia and local churches isn’t about grand gestures; it’s about the quiet power of equipping and amplifying local voices. It’s about providing resources like Derek’s teachings and practical tools, then stepping back to witness the transformative work of the Holy Spirit through empowered pastors who understand their communities’ needs best.

Testimony of Lost and Found: A Journey of Heartbreak and Hope

Life felt like a maze with no exit for Miss Sreypov. The walls of her world were closing in, painted in the dull colors of disappointment and doubt. Her parents’ divorce had shattered her sense of security, leaving her adrift in a sea of unanswered questions. School, once a beacon of possibility, had become a battleground of frustration and failure. The whispers of “not good enough” echoed in the hallways, chipping away at her already fragile self-esteem. Beauty, a word rarely associated with her, seemed like a distant dream reserved for others.

One day, her aimless wanderings led her down an unfamiliar road where a book by Derek Prince, You Matter to God, was given to her. Drawn by the promise of worth in the midst of her worthlessness, Miss Sreypov found herself seated on a red chair invited by that church for a Christmas celebration, surrounded by strangers who seemed to radiate an unfamiliar warmth.

The music that filled the air resonated with a depth she had never known. Tears welled up in her eyes; tears not of sadness, but of something she couldn’t quite grasp. Then, a speaker’s voice pierced through the fog of her confusion, painting a picture of a love so profound, so unconditional it defied comprehension. He spoke of a God named Jesus, who not only knew her every struggle but also loved her with an everlasting love, a love that culminated in the ultimate sacrifice, his own life.

He spoke of a God named Jesus, who loved her with an everlasting love

Miss Sreypov had heard whispers of this before, but this time, it felt different. It felt real. It felt like a warm embrace in the coldest storm. A light flickered within her, pushing back the darkness threatening to consume her. At that moment, she made a choice. She chose to surrender to this love, to embrace the hope it offered.

Miss Sreypov’s journey is far from over. Scars of the past remain, and challenges still lie ahead. But now, she walks with a newfound purpose with Jesus, a spring in her step, and a song in her heart. The God who loves her has become her compass, guiding her through the maze and toward a future bathed in the golden light of hope.

From the Fields of Cambodia, a Heartfelt Thank You

Across the lush rice paddies and bustling streets of Cambodia, the DPM team carries a mission close to our hearts: sharing the love of Jesus with the least reached and the lost. It is also about visiting local pastors who have few Christian resources in our national language and empowering them through teaching, prayer and DPM teaching resources. But this journey wouldn’t be possible without each and every one of you.

DPM carries a mission: sharing the love of Jesus with the least reached and the lost

Your unwavering support, both in prayers and provision, fuels our steps as we navigate remote villages, bustling marketplaces, and hearts yearning for hope. Every act of generosity, big or small, becomes a thread woven into the tapestry of transformation we witness every day.

From the depths of our hearts, thank you. Thank you for believing in us, in this mission, and most importantly, in the transformative power of the Gospel. Together, we are playing a vital role in the Kingdom’s mission, bringing the light of Christ to the corners of Cambodia.

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