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Exciting news from Israel! Christian Friends of Israel (CFI) continues to team up with Derek Prince Ministries to share valuable books across the country. Led by Rudy and Sharon Friesen, CFI's "First Fruits" group is making a big difference.

Rudy and Sharon Friesen travel around Israel, meeting pastors, women leaders, Holocaust survivors, and others. They give out Derek Prince's books for free to bring hope and love to people's lives.

CFI Co-Founder and Director Sharon Sanders recently wrote: "The ministry for Derek’s Bible teaching through DPM is really making a difference over here. I never dreamed that the Body here would want the books so much but they are hungry and it blesses my heart to see this happen right before our eyes!"

Women's Conference

Rudy and Sharon Friesen reported that since February 28, 2024, CFI has given away 1,112 books in different languages, like English, Arabic, Russian, Spanish, and Hebrew. At a special Women's Conference in Netanya on March 8, 2024, they shared 788 books!

Many of the women who participated at the conference, had Russian backgrounds. They were especially excited about the Russian books, which included titles such as:

  • Blessing or Curse, You Can Choose
  • Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting
  • The Divine Exchange
Distribution of Derek Prince's Bible resources in Russian, at Women's Conference

Fighting Replacement Theology

Several women shared how Derek Prince's books helped them get a better understanding of God’s plan for their lives and for the Church. One lady shared:

“Derek Prince’s book, The Destiny of Israel and the Church, is really vital when it comes to the Church and replacement theology. I’m part of a prayer group in my church, here in Israel, which is a church where people from all over the world come. Someone had a picture of pages of the Bible being cut out and falling to the ground. As we prayed, these pages had been replaced, being put back into the Word of God. Our belief is, that the Church is going to be more and more dispense with replacement theology and come into another stand with Israel. Thank you for what you do at CFI and Derek Prince Ministries. “

This is just the start! CFI has more books ready to share in Jerusalem. They're planning to print even more in the future. Thanks to the donations and prayers of our faithful supporters, Derek Prince Ministries and CFI can continue bringing hope and love to Israel.

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