Salvation Comes To Bunong Village, Mondulkiri Province

Huy Ly
DPM Cambodia Outreach Director
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Huy Ly
DPM Cambodia Outreach Director

Deep in the heart of Mondulkiri, a province covered in lush green hills and ancient forests, we embarked on a unique mission. After a seven-hour drive from Phnom Penh and two more hours navigating rough roads, we arrived at the Bunong village.  Life here is simple, and we were greeted with children’s laughter echoing through bamboo houses built amongst the trees. They spoke a language that was unfamiliar to us and difficult to grasp. However, this time we had a bridge – a pastor became our interpreter and, blessed with the gift of their tongue, he brought us to a new village that he wanted to reach out to.

Through him, we shared the story of Jesus Christ, our Saviour, who walked among men, carried our sins in his body, and offered his life as a sacrifice for all.  In spite of the language difference, there was an understanding of the Gospel message.

Encounter with the gospel of Jesus Christ

For many, it was their first encounter with the Gospel. As the interpreter’s voice carried the message, heads bowed, hands clasped, and prayers rose. In their simplicity and openness, the Bunong people embraced the message with a purity that touched our souls. We left with hearts brimming with gratitude for the privilege of sharing the light of Christ and for the open door that now stood before this precious community. This journey may have ended, but the seeds of faith, planted in fertile ground, will continue to sprout, nurtured by the Holy Spirit.

This mission was a reminder that God’s love knows no borders and that even in the world’s remotest corners, hearts yearn for His touch. And for that, we will forever praise Him.

Sharing the gospel and distributing Derek Prince' books in Bunong Village, Cambodia

Fearful Villager Became Bold Pastor

Pastor Loagn shared how his life was changed through believing the gospel.

"I once walked a path shrouded in fear.  Our Bunong tribe worshipped gods appeased with blood and offerings of animals. Yet, a heavyweight clung to me; a constant feeling of being bound."

He continued,

"There was much sickness in our village; a cruel curse striking down anyone who dared to transgress tradition or touch forbidden things.  One day, a message unlike any I'd ever heard arrived – the gospel of Jesus Christ. It spoke of a God unlike our tribal deities, a God of love, not vengeance. A God who offered freedom, not fear.  With a glimmer of hope, I surrendered my heart to Jesus. The burden that had weighed me down for so long vanished. It was like stepping out of a dark cave into the glorious sunlight.

This newfound freedom ignited a fire within me. I couldn't keep this life-changing news to myself. I began sharing the gospel with my village, my voice trembling with newfound conviction. The message touched hearts weary of the old ways. They, too, yearned for a God who offered hope, not curses; a God who brought healing, not sickness.

Today, I stand before you, no longer a fearful villager, but Pastor Loagn, the shepherd of my flock. Our village church thrives, a testament to the transformative power of Jesus’ love. We are no longer slaves to fear but free to embrace the abundant life He offers. My journey is a testament to the boundless grace of Jesus Christ."

Concluding his testimony, pastor Loagn said:

"Jesus broke the chains of fear that bound me and my people. He brought light where there was darkness, and hope where there was despair. And for that, I will forever sing His praises and keep reaching out to new villages."

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