Hearing God's Voice in the Mundane

Lisa Wyns
Pastoral Care - Derek Prince Ministries
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Lisa Wyns
Pastoral Care - Derek Prince Ministries

Kicking off the day with my trusty cup of coffee, I find my little corner of peace as the world begins to stir around me. There's something about spring that always nudges me to hit the pause button and really listen for what God's got on the horizon. And it's been Romans 15:13 that has been on my heart a lot lately, during these quiet times: "May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit." It feels like a personal message from God, a reminder that trusting Him is the compass I need when the path isn't clear.

"trusting Him is the compass I need when the path isn't clear."

This last year? It's been a rollercoaster, like for many of us. But it's in riding through these highs and lows that I've felt my faith getting stronger, learning to lean into God more than ever. It's less about the challenges themselves and more about how faith reshapes the way I face them. I saw this at my daughter's wedding. Amongst all the celebration, what really hit home was the deep, unspoken bond she shares with her new husband. Even in the whirlwind of the day, their connection with each other—so intimate, so understood—just shone through. It was a beautiful reminder of how, amidst life's noise, we need to listen for God’s voice with that same depth of connection.

Taking a page from Derek Prince's Daily Devotional, especially his insights on "Hearing God’s Voice," has really opened my eyes. He talks about how hearing from God changes not just the landmark moments but the daily grind too, filling it with a sense of peace and direction. It’s those quiet, often overlooked whispers from God that guide us step by step. So, I got proactive about it. My walks became more than a routine; they turned into my prime listening time. Journaling, too, has been a revelation, a space to jot down those fleeting moments when I feel God's presence or guidance, making His work in my life tangible.

A time of prayer with a mentor, someone whose wisdom has often guided me, turned into a God moment for me. She shared her story, one that mirrored the very dilemma I was facing; a moment in her life when she too stood at a crossroads, uncertain which path to choose. It was simple, yet in her words, I found the direction I had been seeking -

"God's guidance is like a thread of gold, often subtle, always precious.”

It’s amazing how God uses the ordinary moments to impart His extraordinary wisdom. Being intentional in this journey of tuning into God's voice has been an adventure. Whether through a scripture that sticks, the stillness of nature, or a heart-to-heart with a close friend, I’m constantly surprised by the ways God reaches out to us.

Diving into Derek Prince's book "Prayers And Proclamations" can be a great first step for anyone looking to deepen their dialogue with God. It's helped me see the practical side of walking in faith, making each step on this journey feel guided by His hand. It’s all about growth, listening closely, and finding God in the day-to-day.

Embarking on this journey of faith is a pathway to discovering the peace and joy promised by God, step by intimate step, led through life’s hustle and bustle by His gentle voice.

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