Ministry Outreach Update: Transforming Cambodian Youth

Huy Ly
DPM Cambodia Outreach Director
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Huy Ly
DPM Cambodia Outreach Director

Khmer New Year in April is a time of celebration and connection, and for us, it represents our busiest outreach season! Here's how we partnered with the local community during these special weeks:

A Partnership with Potential

We're grateful for the collaboration with AGA Institute, which has reached students from different faculties, such as English, IT, Business, Finance, and Banking. This vibrant group brings dynamic energy to our outreach.

We understand the power of music, especially for young people, and with this in mind, we organized a live Christian band, creating an energetic and welcoming atmosphere for 400 young people. This fostered meaningful conversations and connections.

Identity in Christ: The Core Message

The Derek Prince Proclamation cards are a fantastic tool to introduce core Christian principles. Along with the booklets like Extravagant Love and The Divine Exchange, spark conversation about finding a true identity in Christ Jesus. These cards and booklets offer a relatable and accessible way to share the Gospel message.

This outreach program allowed us to share the joy of the season while offering a message of hope and belonging through faith in Christ. We are excited to see how God uses these interactions to touch lives and inspire the next generation; as a result, many of them accepted Jesus as their savior and Lord.

Saratt: Finding Hope in Christ's Love

Saratt, from Banteay Meanchey Province and studying management in year two, wasn't expecting much when he heard about the youth outreach event. Coming from a family struggling financially, his self-esteem was low. But then, a simple proclamation card transformed his perspective.

The card read, "In Christ I am precious." It resonated deeply within him. Its message transcended his circumstances. He learned that the God who created the universe loved him dearly. This profound truth filled him with a hope he had never known.

The outreach program was about more than just music and fun; it was about discovering his identity in Christ. Saratt wasn't just another face in the crowd; he was a cherished child of God. This realization sparked a newfound confidence within him.

Saratt's story is a testament to the power of the Gospel message, especially for young people grappling with self-doubt. It reminds us that God's love knows no bounds, offering hope and purpose to everyone, regardless of background.

This outreach event provided a safe space for Saratt to explore his faith and connect with others on a deeper level. We believe his journey is just beginning, and he continues to grow in his relationship with Christ. Saratt was invited to attend a church after the event.

Marady: A Beacon of Faith Among His Peers

Marady, a student at AGA Institute, wasn't just another attendee at the youth outreach event; he was an active participant with a heart full of purpose. His excitement about the outreach reflected a personal prayer—a desire to connect with fellow students and share his faith.

The DPM Proclamation cards particularly resonated with Marady. He recognized the challenges young people face with identity and the struggle with self-acceptance. These cards, with messages like "In Christ I Am Accepted" and the booklet, Extravagant Love, offered a relatable and impactful way to reach his peers.

Marady's joy at witnessing students accept Jesus during the outreach was truly inspiring. He didn't see it as a one-time interaction; he saw growth potential. Encouraged by the outreach program, Marady has chosen to become an ambassador for Christ within his school. He continues to utilize the DPM youth cards, keep conversations, and encourage his fellow students.

Please be in prayer for our DPM Cambodia team, as they continue to reach the youth of Cambodia with the life-changing message of Jesus Christ.

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