Encountering God's Spirit Beyond Borders

Lisa Wyns
Pastoral Care - Derek Prince Ministries
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Lisa Wyns
Pastoral Care - Derek Prince Ministries

Living in an incredibly multicultural city has its unique blessings, one of which is meeting people like Rachel, whose stories and spiritual journeys add so much to my own. Rachel, a dedicated social worker from India, recently shared how the gift of tongues has transformed her life. This resonated with me, as so much of my faith and ministry was developed during a very special time at Bible College in India. The Holy Spirit quickened our spirits through these shared experiences, illustrating His incredible ability to connect people swiftly and deeply, bridging culture, language, or any other barrier.

Rachel began on a note of vulnerability, describing the overwhelming challenges she faced while working in underprivileged communities in India. The emotional toll was immense, often leaving her drained and without words in her prayers. It was during this period of silence and struggle that she found solace in Derek Prince’s Laying The Foundation Series, which emphasizes the necessity of a solid spiritual foundation. Derek’s teachings helped her realize that before she could effectively serve others, she needed to strengthen her own spiritual base, especially through the gifts of the Spirit.

Inspired by Derek Prince’s insights into the gift of tongues, Rachel began to embrace it for herself. She explained how it allowed her to communicate her deepest fears and hopes directly to God, transcending the barriers of human language and natural thought. It became her refuge, revitalizing her prayer life from dry and lifeless routines to a deeply meaningful and transformative communion with God.

As Rachel shared her experiences, I was reminded of Derek’s Devotional Series Does Your Tongue Need Healing? ... he taught that without the Holy Spirit’s intervention, the tongue could indeed become an "unruly evil, full of deadly poison” (James 3:8 NKJV), but when submitted to God, it becomes an instrument of righteousness. This resonated deeply with Rachel’s own experiences, where her tongue, once a source of frustration, became a channel for the Spirit of the Living God.

It was so refreshing how we connected on this profound spiritual level.

Speaking in tongues not only became a personal retreat but also a means to better serve her community

The dual benefit of the gift of tongues—personal and community edification—highlighted the practical application of spiritual gifts in daily life.

You know, I also just love how Rachel’s life is a living example of the power of the Holy Spirit to transcend culture, language, and geographic boundaries, turning personal trials into testimonies of faith. Her journey from a place of vulnerability to one of empowered spiritual resilience echoes so many stories we hear about here at Derek Prince Ministries—the transformative power of God through the gifts of the Spirit.

By sharing Rachel’s journey, I really hope to inspire you to explore and embrace the spiritual gifts available to you. Her experience underscores the importance of not only seeking these gifts but also actively incorporating them into our daily lives and ministries. It's a call to all of us to engage more deeply with the Holy Spirit, allowing His power to transform our personal challenges into opportunities for growth and service.  

If this is something that you would love to experience too, I'd really encourage you to explore Derek Prince’s Laying The Foundation Series. This theologically rich yet approachable guide offers essential teachings on foundational Christian principles—such as salvation, baptism, and the Holy Spirit—that are key to building a successful Spirit-filled life. By engaging with this series, you'll gain a clearer understanding of your faith and how these core beliefs apply to everyday situations. Whether you’re new to Christianity or looking to deepen your faith, these teachings provide the clarity and direction needed to navigate life’s challenges.

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