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Since the military coup in February 2021, Myanmar has been in an extremely unstable and fragile condition, with many atrocities being carried out on its citizens and rebel fighters. Life has become a daily struggle for much of the population and the humanitarian needs are huge, with over 17.6 million people in need of assistance. The Covid pandemic has only added to the suffering. Yet, despite the challenges, the church has continued to grow and flourish, although converts to Christianity are at risk of having restrictions placed on them by the authorities.

The DPM team in Myanmar have kept a low profile during the last two and half years, but the coordinator of DPM’s work there told us, “Instead of us thinking only for our own safety, we need to be standing for all those who are in need. We shouldn’t think only for ourselves; we have to think of other people, and we need to find a way to work again for His ministry. That’s why, even in this difficult situation, we are starting to find ways of showing the light to the world. So, my team and I are starting to find a way to carry out all our activities, such as outreach and discipleship training. Our team members and volunteers are very willing to serve again. So, please remember us in your prayers; that we can work more and more for DPM.  We want to bless our country with DPM resources. Thank you!”

“Converts to Christianity are at risk of having restrictions placed on them by the authorities.”

Pastor “S” recently told the DPM team in Yangon, “Three years ago, I used Derek’s books in my ministry. The village – and especially the church – was in a mess. So, I held training sessions using Derek’s book Shaping History Through Prayer and Fasting and the church was transformed! The church has since built a new building, and they have seen how useful this book is. I visit many other villages and disciple believers using Derek’s books and have seen the changes taking place in the church, where believers are now mature in the Spirit. There are also positive changes in the community. I also used Derek’s books amongst young people and church leaders at summer camp. More believers are becoming active in ministry through the truths they learn from Derek’s teaching, and all the churches are becoming stronger and multiplying. Many people are asking that I return to train them from Derek’s resources, and I would like to go back into the remote harvest fields to support and teach them. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to partner with DPM!”

Another pastor that the DPM-Myanmar team are in contact with, testified, “I serve as an assistant church pastor in the Kayah state (east Myanmar). I have read seven of Derek Prince’s books, including The Grace of Yielding, Complete Salvation, God’s Medicine Bottle, Fatherhood and How to Pass from Curse to Blessing. Through the teaching in these books, I have gained a lot of spiritual strength. I now use his books for preaching and encouraging the youth in my church.”

From Murmuring to Blessing

Several other pastors have been impacted by Derek’s teaching and sent in the following testimonies:

“Before I read the book, How to Pass from Curse to Blessing, I spoke negatively. I didn’t think before I spoke. But after I read this book, I now think carefully before I speak, because the words that come from our tongue are very important. I never curse my people; I never speak negative words to my family members that could become curses. So, this is the difference before I read Derek’s books and after I read them.”

Another pastor shared his experience with Derek Prince' books, saying, “I am a full-time staff member from Healthcare Christian Fellowship, and I am coordinator of discipleship. About this ministry of Derek Prince, I want to highlight what was useful for me. Many years ago, I distributed some of these books to my ministry, but especially I want to highlight a book I used before, Does Your Tongue Need Healing?

This book was very useful to me and my colleagues when I worked in Singapore from 2002 to 2006. At that time, I was a minister from HCF Myanmar. So, I used to share about this book with my friends, my colleagues, and those who work in health. Previously, they didn’t know how very useful their tongue is; how very important it is. But later on, after they read this book, they were really blessed because they knew how to control their tongue, so it was very useful and a very great blessing to them all.

“Once they were murmuring and blaming, but after that, they proclaim the promises of God, and they give the testimony that they are very blessed because of this book.” 

I also read God’s Medicine Bottle. Since 1987, God gave me healing by faith for myself; I took no medicine. I only used the promises of God that He has given us. Also, there are many promises for those who read this book. So, when I shared about this book, people were very blessed. Once they were murmuring and blaming, but after that, whatever disease they have faced, they proclaim the promises of God and then they give the testimony that they are very blessed because of this book.  

So, I thank God for these books and now I have read the book God’s Remedy for Rejection; I was really encouraged about how to help people who are rejected. I will go back to my village and use this book for my follow-up so that they may be released from rejection and be blessed. I thank God for giving us these DPM resources that we can use and we are blessed. Thank you! May God bless all of you abundantly.”

Thank You

We extend our heartfelt gratitude for the prayers and generous donations of our supporters towards our outreach in Myanmar. Because of your unwavering support our team is able to bring encouragement, hope, and a stronger faith to the people of Myanmar, as they learn to trust in God's providence. Together, we are making a positive impact on countless lives. All glory belongs to the Lord!

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