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Elsie Daniel
5 September 2022
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When we held our first Youth Leadership Training Programme for young men in April 2022, there were many pleas for a similar camp for girls, so we launched our second programme in the month of July 2022 for young women from different parts of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Nineteen young women attended this training over three days. Many of them are pastors’ children and most were already into ministry in their churches. It was a blessing to see them attend this training with great enthusiasm. We held teaching sessions, interactive question and answer sessions, panel discussion sessions and testimony sessions from personal ministry experiences.

We faced a lot of spiritual opposition in planning and conducting this training but realized that the impact it created was possibly the reason for the opposition. On the last days, each one of the young women testified to what God had done in their lives, several of them with tears. One young lady said she would have literally lost direction in her life if she had not come to the training. Another testified that she would have quit the ministry she was doing if she had not come. The session on Curse to Blessing was probably the eye opener for many of them. They left with renewed vision and joy, and the testimonies continued beyond, many coming in from their parents. Praise the Lord!

Below are just a few of the testimonies we received. It was really moving to hear these testimonies as many of them came forward with tears in their eyes to testify. Many were healed emotionally and set free. We praise God for His work in their lives and thank you all for helping us do this ...without you it would not be possible!!


I have been into the ministry of channelizing prayer for the different districts of Tamil Nadu. But recently I faced many discouragements and setbacks, probably because of some wrong guidance by a spiritual leader I listened to. If I had not come to this training I would have given up and quit the ministry. But the Lord encouraged me and renewed my vision through the teachings I received here.


I have been in ministry for several years now and I was frustrated because it didn’t seem like there were great results. I always envied pastors’ kids as I thought they had a better platform. But when Sis. Elsie answered our questions in one of the interactive sessions; she said it is not who you are, but the call of God on your life that is more important. That encouraged me to press forward. Also, my Mom would always curse me so loudly that even the neighbors would feel bad for me. It broke my heart. Breaking the curses was a vital session for me – it helped me recognize that my Mother’s words were also, in a way, hindering my progress. Thank you for helping me discern this and breaking it off my life.


I am a pastor’s daughter and the worship leader in my church. The Lord brought me with a purpose. I was very confused and discouraged when I came. The Lord ministered to me through the in-depth teaching of the word. I am leaving with an overflowing anointing.


The Lord helped me find my call. I had many questions that I wanted to ask in the Q&A sessions but I never got to ask them because the Lord answered all my questions through the teaching sessions.


I knew I was called to minister, but I did not have a clarity regarding my calling. God spoke to me through the teaching and personal testimonies which really challenged me. I went through many struggles to come here, but this training has brought a huge change in me. (This was confirmed by her Mother, almost a month later. She called to profusely thank us for giving her daughter the opportunity to attend. She could clearly see the change in her daughter’s life from the day that she returned from the camp.)


My grandfather, being a pastor, usually does not allow me to attend youth camps because he is wary of false doctrine. But being part of the DPM PASI fellowship (Pastors’ Association of South India), he himself insisted that I attend this camp. I am glad I did. Before I came, my Mother and I had a big argument about some of the past issues in my life and she challenged me saying You will not get any blessings from God’s hand... let’s see if you even come back with the anointing of the Holy Spirit. I was in tears when I heard those words. But when pastor Elsie taught on Blessings & Curses and pastor Daniel prayed, I realised those were words of curse and broke it off my life.  On the last day when they laid hands on each of us, I received the anointing of the Holy Spirit and spoke in tongues for the first time in my life. I am so happy, I don’t have words to express my joy.

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